Web Design Practices to Remember For Your Construction Company

construction web designIn today’s modern world, there is very little more frustrating than a webpage that will not load quickly, or when menu links don’t work. While this may seem like minor issues, they can be detrimental to the growth of your business and retention of potential customers. With how much time consumers spend on their mobile devices, a well-designed website will not only help your business make an awesome first impression with potential customers, it will also increase satisfaction. By increasing satisfaction you will then produce more leads and drive more traffic to your page. Creating and maintaining a good web design will help customers consistently navigate your website easily and effortlessly, while simultaneously giving them  access to the information they need. Having a well-designed website will also result in a positive user experience which leads to more business. As a construction company here are some common web design mistakes you should avoid.

Web Design Mistakes to Avoid For Your Construction Company

  • Many Construction websites do not have a clear call to action. A call-to-action  (CTA) is one thing you have control of on your website, so it’s vital to understand and use them effectively. It’s the gateway between your web pages and your customers. A well utilized CTA will help customers  navigate from one actionable step to another. Using CTAs at every possible opportunity to prompt visitors for further interaction with your site or brand is paramount to the success of your business!.

By using direct language, providing relevant content, and giving clear instructions that are only a click away you can greatly improve the user experience and provide your clients with a clear sense of what to do. Some strong website CTA for construction companies include:

  • Request a consultation!
  • Contact Us Today
  • Get Help today!

With the use of clear CTA’s you can lead your customers to exactly what they need on your website, and help them get in touch with you easier and faster than ever before –  this will provide awesome results in more business calls and more satisfied customers.

 If you need help with your website’s call to action options that’s where Spot On Solutions can  help.

  • One of the biggest mistakes a construction company makes  is not using  analytics to measure the performance tasks of your website. In fact, did you know that 75% of small businesses do not utilize analytic tools to track performance – mainly because they do not understand analytics  or have the time to learn it? Your website is a valuable investment that can help establish your business brand, clearly communicate your services, and help you achieve your goals. By partnering with Spot On Solutions you partner with a company that is highly skilled in helping you create and maintain a successful and well designed website. A major benefit of using website and online marketing is the ability to easily track, test, and adjust what’s working and what isn’t working and how we can maximize what is. Our team of marketing specialists have the experience, tools, and analytics services required to monitor and measure your website’s performance. Our team of experts is the best in the industry and we know how important a well-designed and functioning website is for your business and  how to make sure yours is the best it can be.
  • Another common mistake construction companies’ websites have is weak search engine optimization, better known as SEO. A beautifully designed website will do you no good if there isn’t traffic being driven to it. If potential customers are not being directed to your business’s page, then it doesn’t matter how fast it loads or how aesthetically pleasing it is. Creating relevant content is another key component  to being discoverable in search engines like Google. Relevance comes from quality content that is directed towards clients in need of your specialized  services in their local service area. In order to be successful with SEO, it helps to have a team of experts on your side that knows the ins and outs of search engine analytics. At SOS, we not only specialize in quality well-designed websites, but in SEO services as well. We know what it takes to get your content in front of  the right people at the right time. 

When you partner with Spot On Solutions for website design services, you can be confident that all common website mistakes will be avoided, and that you are getting the most out of your construction company’s page, while also providing the best user experience for your current and potential customers. Don’t lose potential customers by having a less than stellar website call SOS for web design services today. 

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