You Might Kill Your Business With DIY Marketing – Here’s Why!

hiring a marketing teamChances are, your business wouldn’t even exist if marketing wasn’t involved. Marketing is a ‘must-have’ in order to get quality leads and stay ahead of competition. The question is, who should do your marketing?

Maggie Stringham has been an account manager with Spot On Solutions for five years and has worked with a variety of clients and on different marketing campaigns. Her specialty lies in strategizing with clients to layout an online marketing plan that will help meet their business goals and identify weaknesses in their online marketing.  

In this article Stringham shares three big reasons why working with a marketing team is beneficial to your business. 

Time To Focus On Other Important Matters

Hiring a marketing company is an investment, but you get something far greater in return – time. Business owners and professionals value time, and it’s often something they can never get enough of. Imagine being able to hand off all the marketing to a team who specializes in it so that you can focus solely on managing your business.

“Their time is freed up to focus on the internal things going on in the office and they’re in a better position to help,” Stringham said. “They can provide quotes for clients, train their employees how to close more leads, focus on customer service skills, or other internal processes that will make their employees more efficient and profitable.” 

Think of it this way – as you consistently grow and improve your team, you’ll be better equipped to handle all the quality leads coming in from your marketing endeavors, leading to more jobs and business growth. 

Broadened Industry Perspectives

Marketing professionals are masters at marketing. It’s what they do every day. They gain a deep understanding of the industries they serve. Over time, as they accumulate data and other information, they’re able to notice trends that may be difficult for your internal team to detect. 

A marketing team has a thorough understanding of your competition – their strengths, weaknesses, and targeted audiences. One huge advantage of hiring a marketing team is that they have the ability to see patterns and trends in other accounts they may be managing. This allows marketing experts to pick up on industry trends, like slow times for jobs or when service costs tend to increase. 

“Since we are able to see industry trends and patterns,” Stringham said. “we are able to put together a plan in advance so that we can implement different strategies on time instead of after.”

In addition to providing valuable industry perspectives, marketing experts can customize a campaign to meet specific goals. If a business owner doesn’t necessarily want more jobs, but wants marketing efforts to focus on maintaining the current lead volume or keeping clients satisfied…marketing professionals already know how to manage that scenario.

“We know what we need to do depending on our client’s business goals. A client may want to decrease the budget of a campaign when they have to turn jobs away because they are booked out for weeks at a time.” Stringham said. “Decreasing the budget may not be the best solution depending on the clients business goals. It might be better to turn them completely off while the client is getting caught up. We have to consider the most effective strategy based on what we’ve seen happen, what we know to be true with Google, and what makes the most sense with the clients budget and goals. Because ultimately, we want to spend the least amount possible while still generating our goal ROI.”

Marketing is a numbers game with many variations. It’s different for each business and factors in so many different elements, one of the biggest being location.

“Another great benefit of working with a marketing agency is our experience working with companies in different locations across the country. We have an idea of what’s normal and what’s not, “ Stringham said. “If a business is managing pay-per-click advertising on their own, they might think that a $300 cost-per-lead is good when, in fact, they could be getting a much lower cost-per-lead. A marketing company has a much bigger advantage to determine such things.”

Trained & Certified Expertise

Keeping up with Google’s updates and algorithm changes is no light task. Just when you think you have an algorithm figured out, it changes and you have to reanalyze your entire strategy. A marketing specialist is able to keep up with these changes and help ensure your ads maintain a competitive position. 

At Spot on Solutions (SOS), we’re a Google partner agency and our account managers stay up to date with the latest marketing trends through a series of certifications conducted yearly. In addition to knowing marketing terminology and Google’s best practices, they’re also required to achieve certifications for different campaign types including search and display. Many of our account managers have gone the extra mile to achieve certifications in video ads, smart campaigns, discovery ads, Google Analytics, Google Search Console and training marketing strategy 101. 

Sure you can attempt to study digital marketing on your own, but that’s going to take a lot of time on top of everything else you need to do. When you team up with us, you save time. Plus, you can rest assured you’re getting highly qualified expertise on your side.

A Marketing Team That’s Right For You

At Spot on Solutions we want to give you time, expertise, and broadened perspectives to help you reach your internal and external business goals. We have a proven record of helping hundreds of clients across the country get quality leads, increased brand recognition, and loyal customers. Connect with us today for a free consultation.

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