3 Facebook Marketing Myths for Service Businesses Busted

With more than 950 million daily active users on average, and nearly 1.5 billion monthly active users, Facebook is a social media behemoth that simply cannot be ignored by small local businesses seeking to gain an edge on the competition.

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Sure you have a Facebook page and a few dozen followers, but you probably aren’t using Facebook to it’s full potential. Facebook marketing should be a top priority for your service-based business, and there are numerous ways that you can use Facebook to enhance your branding, drive new business, and most importantly, increase revenues. So what are you waiting for?

This is the part where we hear all about how Facebook takes too much time to manage, how it’s too difficult to gain new followers and in turn, gain new business. Or how people on Facebook aren’t interested in your services, and you don’t get a return for your efforts.

But what if we were to tell you all these things were really just excuses, and that you can in fact use Facebook to your advantage? Here are the top three Facebook myths we hear from service-based businesses, and the truth about how you can truly optimize Facebook to grow your business and increase your revenues.

Myth No. 1: I Can’t Reach My Audience On Facebook

Take a moment to think about traditional advertising your business may be using. Perhaps you are running radio ads, or you’ve sent out a direct mailer to households within your service area. Maybe you use a referral system, or participate in some sort of coupon book.

Now ask yourself whether those same people are on Facebook, and if you would like to reach the same audience with better ROI and increased engagement. The answer is yes, right?

The truth is you would be hard-pressed to find someone who isn’t on Facebook, let alone someone who doesn’t use it at least weekly, if not daily. Large portions of Facebook users are mobile users, too, which means they are accessing Facebook on the go, anytime of day.

So lets get back to reaching your targeted audience with better ROI – with Facebook ads you can narrow your prospective audience as much as you’d like. Want to reach married homeowners between the age of 25 and 35 who live in a specific area of town? What about someone who’s recent search activity reveals they might be considering a remodeling project? It’s all possible with Facebook.

So, while your advertising reach may be slightly less than using traditional advertising means, Facebook can deliver targeted messages to audiences most likely to engage with your business and use your services. This translates to a higher ROI and a much more effective way to promote your business.

Myth No. 2: Facebook Takes Too Much Time and Effort That I Don’t Have

If you are a service-based business, we realize that all of your marketing efforts are geared toward getting your phone to ring. Facebook marketing might seem like a waste of time, or maybe it’s just something that you’ve never done effectively so you can’t see the incredible value it can bring to your business.

The truth is Facebook marketing only requires a small time investment, and it helps keep your business at the top of your customers’ minds. Managing a social media account only requires a few minutes a day, and planning social media content might take approximately 30 minutes each month. The time invested will result in increased customer loyalty, an enhanced online footprint, and customer engagement with your company – all things that will get your phone ringing.


Myth No. 3: Facebook Is Only Worth My Time If It Brings in Business

Spending time promoting your business on Facebook can be difficult to justify, and while analytics can show you how many page likes you have and how much engagement your posts have, quantifying your efforts can be difficult.

In the service industry, getting the phone to ring is important, and we know that turning those phone calls into paying jobs is the priority. So how does Facebook help make that happen? By maintaining an active business page, you are increasing the number of impressions your business gets, which helps keep you at the top of your customers’ and potential customers’ minds.

While this may sound like a bit of a long game, regular engagement with your customers promotes brand loyalty, and encourages word-of-mouth. So not only are you gaining high-quality customers who are likely to use your services again, but they’re also commenting on and sharing your posts, essentially telling all their friends how great you are. It’s a win-win.

The Truth About Facebook Marketing for Service-Based Businesses

Facebook is an influencer in the online marketing game, and if you aren’t yet using the power of Facebook to enhance your branding, drive new business, and increase your profits, you should now be out of excuses. Facebook can be an incredibly powerful tool that small and local businesses can use to promote their services, and there’s really no reason not to get started today.

To give you a head start, we’ve included our Fool-Proof Facebook Calendar completely free for you to use. Click the link below to download this valuable tool that will help you kickstart your Facebook marketing efforts today.



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