7 Key Elements That Can Help You Understand Your Clients Better

One major misstep that business owners take when marketing is putting their focus on optimizing conversions instead of nurturing the client experience. There is a lot to be said about getting to know your customers, putting time and effort into building relationships with your customers, and nurturing the relationship. Particularly after COVID-19 hit, marketing trends saw an increase in customer appreciation for brands that showed genuine concern and care for their customers and their communities. So, while you are busy working on improving the quality of work you provide in your cleaning and restoration business, don’t forget to put a large emphasis on building your client relationships and cultivating loyal clients who know they can trust and respect you.

7 Key Elements That Can Help You Understand Your Clients Better​

  1. Demographics Won’t Tell The Whole Story – It’s not just about metrics in a system. A particular zip code may not be able to get you more insurance related water damage jobs, but your ability to communicate to a client that you know what keeps them awake at night, what frustrations they want to avoid, and knowing their personal story may be enough to get them to pay the extra money out of pocket.
  2. Engage Better – Don’t just answer your clients questions. Ask them questions to get a feel for their personal situation. Do not treat them like a number or a quote – let them know that you want to know how to help them through every step. Including understanding what is happening, when and why.
  3. Soliciting Reviews – It’s not just about getting reviews. Let your clients know that you genuinely care about their opinions and their experiences and that you want to use the information provided to improve your service.
  4. Follow Up – How often do you follow up with clients to make sure they’ve had equipment removed from their home or that they are in frequent communication with their project manager. Have you ever followed up after invoicing a client to see how they are doing and how the restoration process went for them? These are little steps that can go a LONG way. And if you think your competitors are doing these things – think again! Take the extra step and you will definitely stand out. BUT you will also learn more about your clients, their expectations, and what disappoints and stands out to them.
  5. Focus On Content That Cultivates ConversationContent marketing is designed to get clicks. And it works. But content should also cultivate conversation. The writing that is going to engage your audience will have a strong voice and personality that lets your brand speak through it. You want your audience to get emotional. That is true engagement that will not only generate clicks, but build relationships
  6. Don’t Forget To AB Test – AB testing allows you to see how clients respond to website pages, content, photos, call-to-actions and… you guessed it….conversation. This testing will help you optimize better and engage your potential clients on a deeper level.
  7. Check In With Your Field Techs And Customer Service Reps – The people answering your phones and engaging with customers in the field are going to have the most information to report back. Try holding Q&A’s with these employees, creating worksheets and surveys, or implementing questionnaires’ to help get information from them and to help them gather information from clients.

There are always more ways to gather data – but make sure you aren’t missing out on the best data for true and genuine marketing. Listen to your customers and gather data from them and their experiences before, during and after working with you! If you want more information on how to deliver your services better online, contact Spot On Solutions today!

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