Conversion Pixels

 What are conversion pixels?

Conversion pixels are used to track events that happened while a consumer was browsing your website. Events such as view a products, registering for a program, clicking on a service or products or even filling out an opt-in form.

What does a conversion pixel have to do with Facebook?

Facebook has implemented their own conversion tracking pixel program. Facebooks conversion tracking pixel can help your business measure your ROI of Facebook Ads by tracking the actions consumers take after they view your ads.

When you use Facebooks conversion tracking tool, you can create a code and place it on your website. This code places a 1×1 pixel image onto your website and sends a message back to Facebook whenever someone visits or takes action. Conversion tracking pixels can be placed on any page of your website.

Facebooks original conversion tracking tool got to be a little overwhelming because after every new promotion you were required to create a new Facebook pixel. Every new pixel had to be added to the destination landing page. You ended up with way to many pixels and a ton of coding clutter.

So What’s Changed?

In the second half of 2016 Facebook will be updating their conversion pixel. The New Facebook Pixel allows you to build custom audiences from your website for remarketing purposes. You can optimize your ads for conversions. You can track conversions and attribute them back to your ads. And the best part? Facebook has simplified their process. This new Facebook pixel will allow you to get in-depth insights into website traffic and individual conversions.

To learn more about the Facebook Conversion Pixel go HERE.

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