Diversifying Your Marketing Strategy

As a cleaning and restoration business owner, you probably wouldn’t focus all your time, money and efforts on just one aspect of your business. Same goes with your marketing strategy. While it may seem smart to invest all your resources in a single marketing channel and become a “specialist” in that area, it is better to use several marketing channels to spread out risk and extend reach to a broader audience. 

Rather than “putting all your eggs in one basket,” you need the full package; a variety of marketing strategies coming together to give your business all the advantages it needs to thrive in a highly competitive world. We at Spot on Solutions can help you achieve this approach to marketing.

Avoid dependency on a single marketing channel

In this modern age age, constant change on digital platforms is inevitable. If the single channel your company is solely reliant on were to undergo a change, shift directions or shut down, it can have crippling effects on your business. To avoid such a disaster, it’s smart to be prepared and have other reliable channels to fall back on and maintain the growth of your business. Remember, it’s less of a hassle to shift your customer following to other pre-established marketing channels rather than losing them all and having to start all over.

Increase audience reach

Your potential audience is located in every crevice of the online world. By cross-pollinating through various platforms like websites, pay-per-click search ads, social media, blogs, email marketing, display ads and video marketing, you will expand your reach to many different audiences. Repurpose content and ideas for multiple platforms, crafting messages to speak to the individual needs of those found on a certain channel. The greater the reach, the more traffic you will be able to attract to your website and drive sales. 

Have more data to analyze

Gathering metrics from more than one marketing channel can create a clearer image of your marketing campaign’s performance level. With this wider perspective, we can obtain a more in-depth understanding of our customers’ interests, needs and attitudes. With this valuable information, we can shift our marketing strategy (as necessary) to provide more relevant and effective content. 

Improve your SEO metrics

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technical process of increasing the visibility of a website for users who look up words and phrases associated with your business. One of the major factors that creates a quality SEO is link building. Links act as “votes” from one website to another, confirming that the content is quality. When Google sees that a site has links from various website categories, content, and audience types, it recognizes that your site and information is trusted by a widespread audience. Gaining Google’s trust is highly advantageous, as it will return your content to a user’s query more frequently. 

In conclusion, diversifying your marketing strategy will not only provide the highest reach among your potential customers, but it will utilize your time, resources and budget to give you the greatest return on your marketing efforts.

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