Expert Panel: Building a Company Culture That Your Employees Love

“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.”

– Simon Sinek, author, Start with Why

Why does company culture seem to be all the buzz right now? Several employers have reported that a strong culture has proven to improve retention and engagement. That being said, it’s beneficial to build a company culture that makes employees happy and excite prospective candidates. 


We’ve asked some industry experts to share their thoughts and experiences on building a strong company culture. Here are their insights:

1. Give Employees Something To Look Forward To Every Day

“Our employees are a part of a team. It starts with coming into a positive work environment. Everything from what it looks like when you walk in our front door, the snacks and drinks we provide, to the great attitudes we carry throughout the day. When one team member is down, the other will always step up. At the beginning of each month we vote on employee of the month who gets their name on the wall, paid time off, cash in their pocket, and the pride knowing they took the step on being a leader. I suppose the best way to build the culture is to offer plenty of incentives and a positive work environment that they enjoy coming to each and every day. I’m in this for the long haul and whatever I can do to help them stay with me for the long haul I’m willing to do.”  – Von Reagan, Restoration 1 of Greater Charleston

2. Three Words To Promote A Healthy Culture

“Educate, empower, and trust.”

Jason Harper, Harper Special Services

3. Getting The Right People On Your Team

For years I have read about culture activities with crazy huge budgets – and sighed with frustration when I knew I couldn’t spend like that. However, as a team here we never let a limited budget stop the culture we have built, and continue to work on. Your company doesn’t make your culture, your team does. If you get the right people in the door, committed to your goals and working with each other, there is no stopping what the team can accomplish together. Culture is people, and we need each other to keep the bonds of a strong culture together.

Kelley Dolan, Chief of Staff North East, FIRST ONSITE



4. Building A Great Culture Takes Time

When speaking about child rearing, Zig Ziglar often said love is spelled T-I-M-E. I strongly feel the same can be said about building a great culture. Great company cultures are built upon the executive team purposely making the time to build social capital with team members and being sure to share their vision with the team. Data coming out about Millennial and Gen Z work preferences shows it is imperative to make them part of the process and the purpose to build a great culture.

– Erik Sprague, Director of Education of Super Tech University


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