How Google Analytics Reports Can Amplify Your Business’ Success When You Can Understand It

how to read google analytic reports for cleaning companiesWhen you run a cleaning business, you know how important your website is for your customers and new potential customers. It needs to be a place where they can find all the information they need, from how to contact you, to what services you offer, and everything in between. If you want to constantly grow your business, you need to constantly work to improve your website and the customer’s experience. If you do not know how your website is functioning overall, you will not know what you need to change so you can improve. This is where Google Analytics reports come in. 

Google Analytics Reports & Its Benefits

For cleaning companies, the amount of information that Google Analytics reports give you is extremely beneficial but only if you know how to read them. Here at Spot On Solutions, we have made understanding Google Analytics reports one of our specialties. We want to share that with you, specifically, as you run a cleaning company so you can see just how beneficial these reports are for improving and growing your business. Here’s a quick guide to understanding one of the basic Google Analytics reports.

The Audience Overview

First, you need to know the purpose of the audience overview. It gives you a summary of the traffic that your cleaning website receives on a daily basis. Now, we will run you through how to read this specific report by showing you which dimensions and metrics you should focus on.

  1. Users: This metric is self-explanatory. It tells you the number of visitors your site sees during a set time frame. This number can help you gauge marketing strategies and posts and see if traffic to your site increases after certain marketing techniques or not. 
  2. New Users: This metric shows the number of new visitors to your cleaning website during a set time frame. If your marketing is successful, you should expect to see this number growing steadily. 
  3. Sessions: We used this metric in our previous example which shows you the number of visits to your website. Every visit counts as one session including a page refresh after 30 minutes, adding another number to this metric. At a first glance, you might think you want this number to be high, but it is not the most accurate representation of attention that your website is actually getting. You should consider this number in comparison with the next metric. . .
  4. Sessions per User: This number represents the average number of times an individual user visits your website. When you offer cleaning services, you want satisfied new customers that become faithful repeat customers. You would expect this number to be greater than 1. When looking at the number of sessions, be sure to look at it with respect to the number of sessions per user.
  5. Pageviews: Sometimes this gets confused with ‘sessions,’ but pageviews represent the actual number of website links or pages on your own website that are visited. If you are implementing SEO for your website, you are regularly publishing content to make your company relevant. When that content benefits visitors, they will go to those pages to read it, resulting in more page views. If visitors are not interested in your main webpage, it will show up as:
  6. Bounce Rate: This number represents the percentage of sessions that consist of only a one-page view. A successful website and effective marketing strategy will not only draw people to your website but will also keep them there. This number can help you see whether viewers are exploring your website. 


Does this all seem confusing or overwhelming? While this is a good place to start, there is so much more to get into when it comes to Google Analytics reports. When you are ready to understand more and take advantage of what Google Analytics reports can do for your cleaning company, give Spot On Solutions a call.

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