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With the ever-increasing need for information to be easily accessible upon demand, your restoration company should be prepared and ready to respond once your business is needed. In order for your company to be competitive and acquire new business here are the top 6 tips every home and commercial restoration company should follow.

1. Have an established website
Your website is often the first interaction you’ll have with a prospective client. A website that is easy to maneuver and find relevant content will build credibility. Continue to update your website with relevant blog content, this way your website stays current and well positioned on search engines. Spot On Solutions has excellent information regarding web-design and relevant blog topics.

2. Step up your digital marketing game.
A good website just won’t cut it. Hiring a digital marketing agency will help your website stay up to date with relevant information and keep your business competitive in the market. An SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Specialist will work to place and maintain your business on the first page of Google search rankings. Additionally, incorporating pay-per-click advertising can allow you to advertise to people who are actively searching for your business and services. A Google My Business page can also help provide additional information to people looking for your services, such as contact information, hours of operation, and even client reviews. A Google My Business listing can help make your business appear more personable by adding company and staff photos. Incorporating all three of these tools into your marketing strategy can help establish your brand online and allow you to appear more credible in the market.

3. Social media
In addition to your website marketing, being active on the top social networks will also create another pipeline where clients can find and interact with your business. Connecting with local businesses in your area and companies that you may partner with can help build your brand awareness.

4. Newsletters
Encourage individuals to visit your site to sign up for your newsletter. You can provide helpful information that is relevant to your area. For example, if you live in an area that is prone to flooding or natural disasters you can provide content and steps to prepare residents for precautions or actions to take during a storm or flood.

5. Promotional material
Flyers and brochures make for great assets that are easily accessible and full of relevant information. These informational items should provide succinct information that can help individuals that have been affected by a property disaster. It’s important that the client knows what your business will do to help them in their time of need. Transparency and honesty will go a long way to build trust and establish relationships in your community.

6. Build a referral program
Word of mouth is a powerful tool. It’s important to establish your business and brand as a trusted and reliable company. Your reputation will be directly affected based on the relationship you have with clients and other companies you work with. Think about what companies and services people will require when needing restoration services. A referral program can help you acquire new business by building a relationship with previous clients, insurance agencies and other companies you may partner with on jobs.

Spot On Solutions offers internet marketing services that will help you build and grow your business. You want to be profitable, don’t you? Take the next step in dominating the industry in your area and contact an internet marketing company that specializes in marketing for cleaning and restoration companies!

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