An Introduction to Pinterest—Pinterest for your Business

An Introduction to Pinterest—Pinterest for your Business

Written by: Emily Moser

is a visual marketplace for users to share ideas, find inspiration and discover products and services. For marketers, Pinterest can be a wonderful platform to share and inspire your target audience. Here I’ll introduce how you can use Pinterest to market your business.

Promoted Pins

Pinterest introduced Promoted Pins in 2014 since then the opportunities have grown for businesses to buy or bid on ad space on Pinterest. Promoted Pins are ads that target your desired demographic and have a better chance at getting viewed than organic pins. In order to achieve your marketing goals, buying the ad space for promoted pins can help with brand awareness, user engagement, and increase traffic to your website. Pinterest reported, “In an internal brand lift study comparing Pinners who’ve seen Promoted Pins to Pinners who haven’t, people who saw them had 40% greater awareness of new products and 50% higher purchase intent.” By using promoted pins, you can have a greater reach of accessing your target demographic. With better placement and higher viewership, you can help bring ideas to life through the products and services you advertise.

Buyable Pins

Instead of directing users elsewhere, buyable pins allow users to purchase a product straight from Pinterest. Pinterest doesn’t take a fee for selling your products, your business is in control of your sales and customer service as normal. The option to opt-in to participate in buyable pins is limited to a few companies, but if you can find out more information directly at

Pinterest Analytics

When you create your Pinterest business page, you’ll have access to your follower’s interests, insights and analytics giving you additional information about your target audience. Pinterest Analytics is broken up into different categories based on your business profile, your audience, and website analytics. Your business profile shows various categories and tracks audience engagement. You can even determine which devices users are viewing your content and export the information to a CSV file.

Your business page analytics are broken down as follows:

Impressions: How often you pins occurred in home feeds, categories or search.

Repins: The breakdown of which pins circulated and landed on Pinterest boards.

Clicks: Pins clicked that linked users to your website

Pin it Button: How often people use the pin-it button to save content to Pinterest and were driven back to your site.

In the Audience Analytics, you’ll be able to have a breakdown of demographic information such as gender and where your audience lives.  You can also see current trends, themes and other companies or products that your clientele has in common and/or follows.

Using these tools can be a great benefit to your company allowing you to deliver content specific to your brand as well as relevant to your followers. Using analytics you can learn what your audience is interested in. You’ll be able to customize your marketing content including promoted pins to increase brand awareness, increase audience engagement and drive traffic to your website, thus helping you reach your marketing goals.

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