Retargeting: Why You Should Care

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So, what is this retargeting and why should you care? Retargeting is a method businesses used to gain and keep clients that are in your target market. Still lost? A potential customer finds your cleaning and restoration website while searching Google. They make it to your homepage and get interrupted and have to leave.

This is where retargeting makes its entrance. If you have retargeting campaign in place anyone who visits your website will get “cookied.” What this means is a code is laying wait on your website and it attaches itself to anyone who finds their way to your neck of the woods.  (Hopefully, you are not in the woods but smack dab on the interstate but I digress. You can learn more about that in another article.)  Now that the code is attached to your potential client, when they browse the internet specific advertisements will appear on other websites. This is a fantastic method because it advertises to your target market and you don’t waste money on ads that target random individuals.

So now what?

Every cleaning and restoration company owner should be aware of the marketing basics and that applies to retargeting as well. How will you maintain a good return on your investment if you don’t?

Every business owner loves it when they get website traffic, but if this traffic doesn’t slow down enough to catch your exit, you can retarget them to slow them down and help them find that exit ramp that leads to you. If your website traffic doesn’t convert, then what is the point of having powerful marketing tools in play?

When you, or someone you hire (*cough, Spot On Solutions, cough, cough*), designs an amazing website customized to your cleaning and restoration company, you may think that the design of your website alone will be good enough to attract the right customers.

In all honesty, it is enough – to get potential customers attention, as long as you utilize other marketing strategies. It can even be enough to gain and keep individuals as clients for the long run. However, most of the time, it’s not enough to gain and keep the majority of those who visit your website.

Here is a fun fact:

Did you know that less than 5% of website visitors will convert the first time? The other 85% can be captured with a retargeting campaign. What cleaning and restoration company wouldn’t want to capture the other 95%?

Why Wait?!

Interested in trying out a retargeting campaign for pennies on the dollar? Contact Spot On Solutions today! We will build your retargeting campaign from the ground up!

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