Why Your Website Should Be Mobile-Friendly

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Your customers are always on the go. They are not sitting in front of a desktop or laptop. Instead, they are busy running around getting things done, and they are getting access to your website on their mobile devices. Half of the people who use a smartphone will go online at least once every day. This creates a huge opportunity for business. If you are unable to make yo

mobile friendly website

ur website easy to access on the go, you will lose them to somebody else. More than one-third of traffic is now mobile.

Follow these easy tips to make sure your website is easily accessible on the go.

Your mobile devices have a smaller display screen compared to laptops and desktops, causing distorted visuals on the smaller display screens. Google and Bing have both announced that they have changed their search rankings based on mobile-friendly websites. Google has a great feature that allows you to test your website to see if your website qualifies as a good enough mobile-friendly website for users.

Customers are more likely to return to your website on a desktop if they have a satisfying mobile experience. Visitors on your website won’t stay long if they always have to pinch and zoom to read what is on your website. By providing your mobile users with a more appropriate and intuitive user experience, you will engage customers for a longer time and drive them more towards a purchase.

Recent research has indicated that consumers are 51% more likely to do business online if the retailer has a mobile-friendly site. Although desktops websites still account for most online sales, mobile devices are catching up. Customers who shop on desktops tend to be more informed and careful when buying products. While mobile customers are generally more impulsive when shopping.

Having a responsive template design is the most common approach, however, it is not necessarily the best way to go. This method is often the most popular because it is often the easiest route to go. It allows a website to be accessible on all devices, regardless how big or small the screen is. A Responsive design uses a single template so that it can adjust all of the elements of the page to fit. This will allow for a higher user experience and navigation from a mobile device to a desktop or a laptop. A responsive template can also help to update the website in an easier manner.

Designing a more mobile user-friendly website is more cost-effective than developing an app for your business. A website is generally less restrictive to build compared to an app development. A development of an app requires the production of having different apps for different platforms such as IPhone, Android, and Blackberry. Also, this would mean that your customers would have to download your app before they can access any information which can be a hassle. A website is more flexible, more cost efficient, and can suit everyone’s needs (IPhone, Android, Blackberry).

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